The ISO 9001 Certification of Registration signifies that International Coil, Inc./Acute Power's facility, located in Brockton, Massachusetts, complies with all ISO quality management system requirements. International Coil, Inc./Acute Power is a leading designer and manufacturer of DC-DC power converters and magnetic products.

This certification clearly demonstrates International Coil, Inc./Acute Power's commitment to customers since the standard focuses on critical areas important to all industries such as order processing, contract manufacturing and custom design, says George Machadinho, President of International Coil, Inc./Acute Power. "Our company has made the commitment to continuously improve all business functions while providing innovative technical products and responsive customer service to the power industry."

ISO9001 is a set of requirements for quality management systems including industry requirements, now approved by major power manufacturing companies around the world. International Coil, Inc./Acute Power has a full line of services from custom design, contract manufacturing and production of standard power supplies. International Coil, Inc./Acute Power provides manufacturing and engineering for products in the aerospace, telecommunication, medical and robotic markets. The business has it's sole location in Brockton, MA, with Representatives in the US and Europe.


Quality Policy Statement:

Continuous Improvement

ICI/Acute Power is a quality company. Nothing less than meeting or exceeding our external and internal customers' delivery and quality requirements will be acceptable. Continuous quality improvement of product and processes are the responsibility of every ICI/Acute Power employee.